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The 10 most beautiful beaches of the Province of Latina

Natural wonders that should not be missed!

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Cala "Cattedrale" en Palmarola

What are the most beautiful beaches in the Province of Latina? Among marvelous streams, crystal clear waters, beaches with golden or white sand and the green of the Mediterranean scrub, we take you to discover the most beautiful areas of the Costa Pontina at just one hours from Rome. After the successful articles about the 10 most beautiful Castles of the Province of Latina and the 10 most impressive Caves of the Province of Latina: here is the classification of the 10 most beautiful beaches of the Province of Latina, list written by Latinamipiace.

1 - Cala Cattedrale in Palmarola Island


On the Island of Palmarola, one of the wildest of the Pontine Islands: in the area of Punta Tramontana and Punta Brecce, we find the beautiful Cala Cattedrale, famous for the similarity of its rocks to the pillars of a Gothic cathedral.

Thanks to its crystal clear waters, the colors and the magnificent landscape that surrounds it make it one of the most interesting and attractive places on the Lazio coast, particularly for lovers of natural wonders. A lovely place to see at least once in a lifetime!

2 - Cala Nave in Ventotene Island


On another island near Rome, the island of Ventotene, we find the Cala Nave, one of the most famous and most beautiful beaches of this island and also the largest. You can get there by walking from the center of the small town that has all the services, which makes it particularly pleasant and comfortable to go with the family.

The sand is dark and soft, while the seabed is characterized by gravel that guarantees the transparency and beauty of the water ... It's amazing! and another thing ... Do not forget to bring your mobile phone to take a good picture!

3 - Chiaia di Luna en Ponza


The third most beautiful beach in the Province of Latina and at just 2 hours from Rome is "Chiaia di Luna" or Cala della Luna in Ponza, it is one of the most famous beaches of the Island of Ponza, accessible from a tunnel that stand since the time  of Augusto from the volcanic tuff, and that connects it with the port. Surrounded by a huge volcanic tufa wall that gives the typical white color, the crystal clear sea and the caves make it a natural wonder that should not be missed.

Currently access to this beach is not possible due to the risk of landslides: (... But it is possible to make beautiful photos from the top of the viewpoint.

4 - Beach of the 300 Gradini in Gaeta

spiaggia-dei-300-gradini-gaeta-provincia-di-latina-latinamipiaceBetween the municipality of Gaeta and the municipality of Formia we find one of the most beautiful beaches of Latina Province , the beach of the 300 Gradini or the Beach of the "300 steps", it is a hidden little paradisiacal corner, that is accessible, as you can guess by his name, by 300 steps of a stair. Composed of fine golden sand, crystal clear waters, it was one of the first nudist beaches in Lazio in the 70s, but it is not nowadays. It is also known as the beach of Aerenauta or Scissure.

5 - Beach of Sassolini in Scauri


The beach dei Sassolini, it is located in the small municipality of Scauri between Monte d'Oro and Monte di Scauri, within the Park of Gianola, formed by ocher sand, pebbles and rocks, and a beautiful crystal sea. The beach is famous because two films were filmed, "Per grazia received", starring Nino Manfredi and "Il Conte di Montecristo", starring Gerard Depardieu and Ornella Muti. An ideal place to take the people you love ... but better not in high season!

6 - Beach of Angolo in Sperlonga


In the sixth position of the 10 best beaches of the Province of Latina and just an hour away from Rome we find a beautiful beach of golden sand located on the long coast of Sperlonga. The crystal clear sea, with sandy bottoms and rich in marine flora and fauna. Arriving at the beach of Angolo is very simple from the center of Sperlonga through the various establishments that precede the Cave of Tiberius. Nature and history are waiting for you!

7 - Beach of Serapo in Gaeta


The main beach of the municipality of Gaeta is within walking distance of the city center, close to Monte Orlando and the Sanctuary of the Montagna Spaccata. Very popular among tourists, especially during the summer from the beach, you can admire the "Nave di Serapo", a not too distant rock whose elongated shape resembles that of a ship. An oasis of relaxation relatively close to the center of Gaeta.

8 - Cala Felci in Ponza


The beach is stony and sandy, the water is particularly transparent thanks to the white stone and takes its name from the fern (felci in Italian) plants present in the area. You can access the beach through a steps that leads to this magnificent cove on the island of Ponza.

The sulfur concentrations with their yellow color characterize the white limestone of the cliff. The environment is dreamy, we are sure that once you meet her, you will never want to leave!

9 - Beach of Bufalara in Sabaudia


The beah of Bufalara, in the Circeo National Park, located in the municipality of Sabaudia, takes its name from the buffalos that can be found and that graze on the coastal dunes, in what was once the Pontino marsh.

A golden beach that can be reached through wooden walkways that overlook the dunes, the transparent sea and its beautiful blue makes it a little paradise. Well known, this beach is very busy in high season, we suggest you visit it in September, that there are fewer people and it is still beautiful!

10 - Beach La Rinascente in San Felice Circeo


La Rinascente beach is one of the most famous cliffs of San Felice Circeo, located on the promontory of Circeo, near the caves of Las Cabras and Fossellone is characterized by crystal clear waters. It is particularly appreciated by diving enthusiasts. A magical place that you can not miss!

Summary of the best and most beautiful beaches of the Province of Latina

Beach Location Type of beach
Cala Cattedrale Island de Palmarola Accessible only with boat
Cala Nave Island de Ventotene Beach of dark and soft sand
Chiaia di Luna Island de Ponza Currently closed to the public
Beach of 300 Gradini Gaeta Beach of fine white sand
Beach of Sassolini Scauri Golden sand beach
Beach of Angolo Sperlonga Golden sand beach
Beach of Serapo Gaeta Golden sand beach
Cala Felci Ponza Beach with boulders
Beach of  Bufalara Sabaudia Golden sand beach
Beach of La Rinascente San Felice Circeo Rocks beach
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